A full life lived with Wizard by his side.

There are a lot of things I can no longer do, but Wizard is fantastic company and has given me so many opportunities. Thank you!

Gunter Breier

Launceston’s Gunter Breier retired many years ago, and now he’s preparing for his faithful Guide Dog to hang up her harness and join him.

Over the past nine years, Guide Dog Wizard has been the eyes for her 87-year-old handler, helping him adjust to his decreasing vision and allowing him to remain safe, independent and active in his community. 

But it’s not a final farewell for the ageing pair, because the 11-year-old Labrador will remain by Gunter’s side, albeit in a slightly different role.

“Wizard is part of our family, and will remain a much loved pet for myself and my wife,” says Gunter. “She loves Wizard just as much as me!” 

It wasn’t until Gunter was in his late 60’s that his sight started to drastically decrease, due to damage to an optic nerve.  

Not long after, he was declared legally blind and began using a white cane to get around safely.

Wizard soon will retire as a Guide Dog but will remain as Gunter’s companion until the end. 

But when Gunter found out that Guide Dog training could be done from the comfort of his own home, he applied and has never looked back.

Gunter, Catherine & Wizard