Our Brand

An Exciting Future; A Familiar Face.

In 2013 we introduced Beau, the new face of Guide Dogs Australia and Guide Dogs Tasmania.

Since the 1950s, the Guide Dogs organisations across the country have had their own identity. In September 2013, for the first time, Guide Dogs branding in all States adopted the same look and feel. The new brand is representative of the existing vision and values of Guide Dogs Australia associations across the country as well as our ongoing evolution and collective journey. The new branding features both the Guide Dog and the Medallion.

For Tasmania, this will directly result in decreased spending on branding materials. We believe the move to one national brand demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the most effective and efficient use of funds and allows us to move forward with a united and consistent approach.

While the new branding will provide us in Tasmania with national opportunities and greater access to national partnerships, we will continue to operate with a localised focus and in accordance with our state based priorities.

The new brand is representative of all Australian Guide Dogs Association vision and values and the evolution and ongoing journey of Guide Dogs Tasmania. The broader organisation, its needs and demands are evolving and as such the new logo and imagery reflect these ongoing changes.