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Bailey is a gorgeous Labrador x Golden Retriever puppy, and one day she’s going to be someone’s hero. Someone’s ticket to freedom and a life full of opportunity and choice.

But Bailey won’t become a hero without your support today.Bailey, a golden Labrador puppy, is resting her head on the ground in front of her and looking at the camera. Caption reads Bailey.

You see, Bailey was born to be a Guide Dog, for a Tasmanian who needs her. She’s come from parents that have the perfect qualities needed to take on this life-changing role, and it’s hoped that Bailey will too.

But it costs a lot of money to get a Guide Dog puppy like Bailey into her working harness. In fact, for Bailey to become a Guide Dog, it will cost over $35,000.

The funds we need are unfortunately not guaranteed. But with your help today, we can guarantee Bailey will have the best chance possible of becoming a Guide Dog.

By donating to our End of Financial Year Appeal today, you can get Bailey a step closer to becoming someone’s hero. 

A step closer to being matched with someone whose life will change the moment they meet her. We know you’ll agree this is an amazing gift to give to someone.

But before we even start thinking about placing Bailey as a Guide Dog, she needs your help to get her through her training.

Over the next two years, Bailey will spend almost 100 hours with a qualified Guide Dog instructor, learning specific commands and guiding techniques that she’ll need to keep her handler safe in a busy and changing world. This part of Bailey’s training will cost over $16,000.

That’s not including the cost of essential equipment, veterinary care, a training harness and more. There’s a lot involved, but without all these things, Bailey can’t become a Guide Dog.

That’s why she needs your support today.

Because without you, Bailey is just a dog. Without you, another Tasmanian is left waiting. We have the solution, now we just need your support.

Can we count on you to make a tax-deductible donation today, so Bailey can bring joy and enrichment to someone’s life?

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Thank you for helping Bailey become a hero.

Thank you for being Bailey’s hero.

P.S. Make your tax-deductible donation before June 30 to help Bailey become a hero and change someone’s life forever.

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