Have Cane, Am Able

Darlene with cane in the CBDInternational White Cane Day is held on 15 October each year to raise awareness of the importance of the white cane and how it can aid mobility and independence for a person with vision loss.

The white cane is internationally recognised as a tool that provides protection, information and identification for its user, and awareness for other people.

Did you know that the white cane is the most widely used mobility aid among people with impaired vision? Guide Dogs Tasmania provides canes and professional training in how to use them, so clients can travel and live independently, safely and confidently.

In 2014, Guide Dogs Tasmania is raising awareness of the critical importance of the cane, through the release of a series of stories of Tasmanians who use it to remain mobile and independent. The series is called: “Have cane, am able”. It is about being able to live the life you choose, despite living with a vision impairment.

‘Have cane, am able’ Profiles

Allen of Launceston

Darlene of Hobart

Garry of Burnie

Kirby of Hobart


Read our Media Release for International White Cane Day 2014.

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