Christmas with Guide Dogs Tas

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What could you do for around 44 cents this Christmas?

Our Christmas presents, Paris and Phoebe

Do you think that for 44 cents, you could keep someone safe, mobile and independent for one hour, with complete focus and devotion?

Do you think you could willingly offer that companionship each day?

Do you think you could do it for around nine years?

And do you think you’d love doing it?

What an extraordinary gift!

Do you think it would be the kind of gift that would be good ‘value for money’ for the Tasmanian who was being kept safe and independent? And that it would be a gift that would help keep them engaged and contributing to their community? Well, we think it is and that is precisely why we train Guide Dogs.

Guide Dogs cost $35,000 each to breed, raise and train. Each! That means that our newest recruits, Paris and Phoebe, will cost $70,000 by the time they have graduated and are placed with the Tasmanians who need them. That seems like an awful lot for two dogs, doesn’t it?

But these two aren’t JUST ordinary dogs.

Once these pups graduate, they will willingly and devotedly work for around nine years, at their handlers’ side whenever they are needed, keeping them safe, mobile and independent. At the end of that time, the entire cost of becoming that special companion will equate to only 44 cents per hour.

When you look at it that way, the money used to train Guide Dogs is extremely well spent, don’t you think? When you look at it that way, a donation to help train Paris and Phoebe is a long-term investment in both the individual and the Tasmanian community.

The goal is simple this Christmas: we need to train Paris and Phoebe.

Without the training, these pups are like the Christmas toy that doesn’t come with batteries. Without the training, they’ll still be cute pups, but the Tasmanians who are waiting for them to keep them safe and independent must wait longer.

Little Paris has a lot to give. Will you help her do it?

Little Paris has a lot to give. Will you help her do it?

We are here to make sure no Tasmanian has to wait alone in the dark, and with your help, we will achieve that.

We are the only Tasmanian organisation training Guide Dogs. We believe that a person who needs a Guide Dog and is ready for a Guide Dog should have a Guide Dog. We know that our Guide Dogs give independence, safety and companionship to Tasmanians and that the benefits are long lasting and money well-spent.

Please donate this Christmas, so Tasmanians can receive the beautiful gift of independence and safety from Paris, Phoebe and Guide Dogs just like them. What an extraordinary gift!

Thank you.