Guide Dog Graduation

Guide Dogs Tasmania held its very first formal Guide Dog Graduation ceremony on Monday, November 21, 2016.

“Relationships enrich our lives, and the relationship between a Guide Dog and its handler is a special bond, allowing greater freedom of movement and independence.” – Dr Clare Allen, CEO of Guide Dogs Tasmania.

It was a very special day at our Hobart office, as we celebrated the recent graduation of three Guide Dog partnerships:

  • Sara with Guide Dog Pepper,
  • Phil with Guide Dog Yoda, and
  • Vanessa with Guide Dog Yuri

We heard both moving and humorous stories from the Guide Dog users, the Puppy Raisers, the Guide Dog Mobility Instructor, and CEO Dr Clare Allen. All of these stories certainly painted a picture of the journey so far, and of the adventures to come for Yuri, Yoda and Pepper.

It was nice to see some interest from the media, as the story featured on SCTV, ABC and WIN news that night, as well as in the Mercury and online.

Congratulations to all three teams, who we know will go on to enjoy many wonderful years working together. What a fantastic afternoon; thank you to everyone involved in our first and very successful Guide Dog Graduation ceremony.

Sara with Guide Dog Pepper at Graduation

Sara with Guide Dog Pepper.

Phil, Yuri and Aniko at the Guide Dog Graduation

Phil with Guide Dog Yoda and Puppy Raiser, Aniko.

Vanessa, Yuri, Linda and Peter at the Guide Dog Graduation

Vanessa and Guide Dog Yuri, with Puppy Raisers Linda and Peter either side of them.