How to help us

You can help a Tasmanian like Logan regain their freedom with a Guide DogImage of Logan, a young man, sitting on an armchair

Two years ago, Logan Shepperd lost his sight in an awful accident… A once active teenager who loved nothing more than spending time outside with his mates, Logan has had to adjust to life without vision. But Logan hopes to one day regain his freedom with a Guide Dog.

We need your help today to ensure that every Tasmanian who needs a Guide Dog can be placed with one.

No matter how small or large, your donation will change someone’s life forever.

You can help us through a one off donation, or sign-up for a regular contribution. Just enter the Australian Dollars (AUD) amount you would like to donate.

Thank you!

Please note: Guide Dogs Tasmania do not offer refunds for donations. If you make an error please contact us immediately on (03) 6232 1222.