Entertainment Membership

Entertainment membership book and phone app

At Guide Dogs Tasmania, we change lives with our dogs, and you can too, simply by purchasing a 2017 Entertainment ™ Membership!

Enjoy great Entertainment ™ deals and discounts on restaurants, travel and shopping, AND at the same time help adorable puppies become life-changing Guide Dogs.

Golden Labrador puppy sits inside a much bigger Guide Dog harness

Help Taylor ‘grow into his harness’.

Entertainment™ Membership comes with vouchers, and contains over $20,000 worth of valuable up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers for many of the best restaurants, cafés, arts, attractions, hotels, travel, shopping and much more!

With every Entertainment ™ Book or Digital Membership sold, 20% of profits will go towards raising and training Guide Dogs in Tasmania for people with vision loss.

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Entertainment book, example vouchers and smart phone all featuring the words 'Pre-order your new EntertainmentTM Membership now!'