We need Puppy Raisers!

Puppy Raising, without doubt, is one of the most challenging volunteer positions available at Guide Dogs Tasmania. It involves sleepless nights, some embarrassing moments in public, and yes, lots of tears at the end when it’s time to hand the pup back for training.

But it’s also one of the most rewarding volunteer positions. To see the dog that you helped raise go on to give the gift of independence, freedom, safety and companionship to someone who needs it more than you, would have to be one of the proudest moments of a Puppy Raiser’s life.

Our Puppy Development Program involves caring for a puppy from around eight weeks of age until he or she returns to us, at around 18 months for formal training.

Without the commitment and contribution of Puppy Development Volunteers, we would not be able to train the incredible dogs, who provide essential assistance and independence for so many Tasmanians living with disability.

When you raise a puppy, you’ll receive ongoing support and instructions with monthly group training sessions and individual walks with Guide Dog staff.

The primary goal of the Puppy Development Program is to produce well-socialised, temperamentally and physically sound young dogs to be assessed and, those suitable, trained as Guide or Assistance Dogs for Tasmanians living with disability.

There are different roles available to help support a pup’s journey to becoming a Guide or Assistant Dog.

Puppy Raisers assist Guide Dogs Tasmania in the rearing of a well behaved and socialised puppy that can then enter formal training at a suitable age of development.

Boarders provide temporary care to pups and older dogs on our program.

B & B Boarders provide care and downtime for Guide Dogs in training when they are not required in the training program (mostly overnight and on weekends).  Dogs will need to be dropped into the office each week day.

How can I apply?

For more information and/or to apply for any of the roles available in our Puppy Development Program, please complete the form below. 

Puppy Raising Application Form

Alternatively, please email, phone or visit either of our offices to chat to our staff.

Puppy Development Information Sessions

Find out if and when there’s an Information Session on Puppy Raising in your area by clicking here.