International White Cane Day 2015

The White Cane provides people liWhite-Cane-Day 2015-Imageving with blindness or a vision impairment independence, safety and information. That’s a big responsibility for a special cane!

To celebrate International White Cane Day on 15 October 2015, we are asking the public to consider:

Could you get to work with your eyes closed?

Knowing the best route to walk to the bus stop, how to safely board public transport and understanding an office layout are just some of the Orientation and Mobility skills taught by Guide Dogs Tasmania. Orientation and Mobility training  provides the skills and the building blocks, delivering the functional independence and confidence necessary for accessing employment, recreation, and participation in everyday life that people with full sight may take for granted.

Be part of our International White Cane Day activity in Hobart on 15 October

Find out more in our Media Release: Media Release _Could you get to work with your eyes closed

Did you know:

Every day, 28 Australians are diagnosed with vision loss that cannot be corrected

Guide Dogs Tasmania works with over 1,000 blind or vision impaired Tasmanians every year

The White Cane is a symbol of ability, not disability

The White Cane provides orientation, safety and information for its user and allows others to recognise the user has a vision impairment so they can move out of the way or assist if requested.

3 in 4 White Cane users have been obstructed by overhanging bushes and branches in the past 12 months

1 in 2 White Cane users have been obstructed by shops displaying goods on the footpath

1 in 2 White Cane users have been obstructed by parked cars in driveways and across footpaths as they try to navigate their way along their normal routes


Many thanks to K&D Warehouse for their support of this activity. Check out their facebook page  for specials, tips and handy hints.