Guide Dog Kirsty gives Jan a new lease on life, thanks to you!

A woman is sitting on the grass and giving her golden Guide Dog a cuddle. She has a big smile on her face while her dog is giving her a kiss on the cheeck.It took Jan Spencer only a few weeks to realise that her new Guide Dog, Kirsty, was the perfect fit for her.

Thanks to you, the Sheffield resident has found a new lease on life with her confident young Labrador, who she was placed with just over three months ago.

“It’s amazing to have the confidence to go out walking by myself,” says Jan. “I feel so comfortable knowing that Kirsty is always watching out for me.”

Along with the simple pleasure of heading out for a walk whenever she likes, Jan – who was born blind – can face more challenging tasks now too.

With Kirsty guiding the way, she can navigate busy supermarkets and make her way through crowds of people with ease.

With Kirsty, not only is life easier for Jan, it’s also far more enjoyable.

And thanks to you, Jan’s husband, Keith, no longer has to worry.

It’s not just her sweet nature or good looks that Keith is most delighted in with his wife’s new companion. It’s knowing that Jan is safe when she’s with Kirsty that puts him most at ease.

“I can walk across the road and leave Jan with Kirsty to do her own thing. It’s a wonderful feeling, knowing that she has so much freedom with Kirsty.”

Jan knows that if it wasn’t for the generosity of people like you, she would not have the same quality of life that she enjoys today, with Kirsty.

“Without a Guide Dog, my life would very restricted,” says Jan. “With a Guide Dog, I have freedom. Thank you so much for giving Kirsty to me.”

If you would like to help more Tasmanians enjoy a better life with a special Guide Dog by their side you can make a tax-deductible donation online today. 


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