Little Paws make their mark

Little Paws, a set of children’s novels is a fun, heart-warming series about the puppies that train to become Guide Dogs and the families who help raise them.

Little Paws book poster

The ‘Little Paws’ series by Jess Black will help us raise awareness, and funds!

The set of four books showcases the wonderful journey of transforming a playful puppy into a proud and confident Guide Dog that will one day change the life of someone who is blind or vision impaired.

Raising a Guide Dog is full of hard work, mischief, adventure and lots of love and these books capture this experience perfectly.

In Welcome Home Harley, Lexie and Tom Walker are super excited to meet their new eight-week-old puppy Harley. Harley is extra special because she is a Guide Dog puppy in training.

While Harley is gorgeous, she’s also cheeky and good at chewing things. It’s up to Lexie and Tom, with their Puppy Adviser’s help, to teach Harley some basic obedience so she can prove to everyone that she is Guide Dog material.

In Meg’s Big Mystery, Meg has just started puppy preschool. In Ringo’s Road Trip, six month old Guide Dog puppy Ringo goes on a road trip up the coast. In Goldie Makes the Grade, Goldie is 14 months old and is about to leave her Puppy Raisers for training to be a Guide Dog.

In all the books there’s fun and adventures along the way.

Little Paws help Guide Dogs

Royalties from the books, written by  children’s author Jess Black, go directly to Guide Dogs Australia. The books are available from all good bookshops around Australia.

Guide Dogs Australia represents Australia’s six state-based Guide Dogs organisation. Together, as the nation’s leading providers of Guide Dogs and other mobility services, we assist people who are vision impaired move safely and confidently around their communities and fulfil their potential.