Meet Jonty and Jasmine

Jonty and Jasmine were born on the 16th June, 2019. Both these little bundles of black fluff live in Launceston, and are keeping their wonderful Puppy Raisers on their toes!

Jonty is calm, learns quickly and is interested in his new world. He loves crunchy grass in the morning, breakfast, sleeping in his crate with his array of soft toys, lunch, naps in the sun, and dinner. Note the food theme here?!

Jasmine is active with just a touch of feistiness. She loves her toy rabbit, and is picking up the skills of going to the toilet outside and sleeping through the night very quickly.

If you would like to sponsor Jonty or Jasmine, please contact our Planned Giving Coordinator, Melanie Spunt, on (03) 6232 1261 or