New friendship blossoms between Emily & Harvey

I needed to learn to trust Harvey, and now that I do, I feel so much safer than before.

Emily Petit

Getting to know her first Guide Dog has been a rewarding experience for Emily Petit of Hobart.

The 20-year-old has lived with low vision since she was four, and was placed with Guide Dog Harvey, a beautiful golden Labrador, earlier this year. 

But the switch from white cane to Guide Dog took a bit of time to adjust to, according to Emily. 

“I needed to learn to trust Harvey,” she says.

“And now that I do, I feel so much safer than before. I always felt a bit vulnerable with a white cane, but now I feel protected.” 

Emily’s mum, Wendy, has seen the changes in her daughter too.  “Emily is fairly shy, but with Harvey she’s more confident to go out and talk to people. They’re a really good team,” 

Along with the confidence and safety she’s gained, Emily is enjoying the independent travel her canine companion has allowed her to have.  And one of her favourite places to go with him? The dog park!

“Out of harness, Harvey is so playful and fun,” Emily says. 

“But he’s such good company, and I’m really looking forward to getting to know him more as he shows his true personality.”

A 20 year old woman is walking down a path with her golden Guide Dog.