Nicole finds “confidence boost” in Guide Dog Harper

Life with her first Guide Dog has given 23-year- old Nicole McKillop the confidence to say “yes!” A young woman is sitting on the floor and smiling at the camera, while patting her black Guide Dog, which is sitting beside her.

Legally blind since 13, Nicole hasn’t always found it easy to take on new opportunities.

“Unfortunately, as my eyesight decreased so did my confidence,” she says.

But since being placed with Guide Dog Harper late last year, Nicole’s world has opened up.

Studying for her Certificate 3 in Individual Support at TasTAFE, Nicole says Harper has not only helped her get around the campus safely, she’s also made her more eager to learn.

“I feel so much more confident with Harper, which makes me more involved in my studies, contribute to more conversations and even make more friends,” says Nicole. “And while I’ve always had the choice to say yes to things, with Harper I now have the confidence too.”

We look forward to seeing where Nicole’s future takes her!

Guide Dog Harper has her own Facebook blog! Click here to follow more adventures.


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