Puppy Love Sponsorship

Every puppy that joins our training program has the chance to change a life. As the sponsor of a puppy, you will give independence, mobility, safety and companionship to Tasmanians living with disability.

Did you know?

It takes more than two years and costs over $35,000 to raise and train a Guide, Therapy or Companion Dog. Every dollar you donate will be put towards the cost of running our program and you can trust that your generous gift will transform the life of a person living with disability, in your community.

Sponsorship Tiers

A Guide Dog Sponsor plays an important role in the journey of all our pups to life changing dogs. We offer a number of different sponsorship opportunities with a range of benefits that will help you keep up-to-date and involved in the journey of a very special puppy into a working dog that will change a life.

Take a look at our NEW Guide Dog Sponsorship Tiers for an overview of the different levels available. Or, for a more detailed look at each Sponsorship level, click on the links below:

Guide Dog Sponsor stories

Read about those who have been through the Sponsorship journey themselves, through the links below:

Contact us

To find out more about Guide Dog sponsorship, please contact Melanie Spunt: (03) 6232 1261 or Melanie.Spunt@guidedogstas.com.au

Three Labrador puppies are sitting in a line with their mouths open, looking at the camera. THe two on the outside are gold and the middle one is black.















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