Midway Point Seniors Group meet sponsored pup Elly!

When the Midway Point Seniors Group came to an end at the start of 2017, the few members left had to decide what they would do with the remaining funds in the bank.

After making a generous donation to a nearby aged care facility, the group decided to give a significant amount to Guide Dogs Tasmania, to help train a puppy. And that puppy is gorgeous little Elly!

Dawn Cure, one of the remaining members of the group, said she’d heard about Guide Dog Sponsorship and thought it was the perfect way to make a difference. They didn’t have enough funds left to fully sponsor a Guide Dog pup, but they did have enough to give a significant gift to go towards a puppy’s training.

“We didn’t want to just give money away. This way, we know it’s going to help someone who really needs it, and we’ve got an interest now to follow Elly’s journey through. Being able to put puppy names forward made it much more personal too” – Dawn.

The group met Elly in October and needless to say, were smitten!

If you’re interested in finding out more about Guide Dog Sponsorship, contact Melanie on 1800 484 333.

A group of elderly people are sitting with a small black Labrador in learner coat.

The Midway Point Seniors Group meeting their sponsored pup Elly!

Guide Dog pup Elly, a black Labrador Puppy with a pink collar, is facing the camera. SHe has a large green, industrial wheel of a tractor behind her.

Did you know Elly has her own webpage? Click her photo above to check it out!


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