A sponsor’s tribute to her late husband

An older lady is sitting inside on a chair with a golden Labrador puppy on her lap. She has her hands around the pup's body and is smiling at the camera.

Mrs Stott meeting her sponsored pup, Derek.

Every so often, we meet individuals who – for varying reasons – decide to give a generous gift that will help someone who they don’t even know and may never meet.

Mrs Bridget Stott is one of these people.

Through her gift of $35,000, Mrs Stott is sponsoring Guide Dog Pup Derek and helping him grow into his harness. It’s knowing that this puppy will go on to change the life of a Tasmanian, by giving them independence, freedom, mobility and companionship, that drove this long-term supporter of Guide Dogs Tasmania to give such a wonderful gift.

“It meant a lot to me, knowing that I could name the puppy after my late husband, who absolutely loved dogs. Guide Dogs give people back their lives, so it’s well worth doing.”

Thanks to Mrs Stott, the costs of raising and training Guide Dog Pup Derek over a two year period have been fully covered. For Guide Dogs Tasmania, this gives us a huge advantage as it means we can put other donations into training the others pups on our program. Ultimately, it means we can train more Guide Dogs for more Tasmanians.

Meeting Derek

When Mrs Stott first met Derek at the Guide Dogs office in September 2017, she was filled with joy.

Mrs Stott grew up with dogs. And as well as the companionship they provided her as a child, it’s the laughter they’ve brought to her life that has given her so much joy.  Guide Dog Pup Derek, a white Labrador, is lying in a kids shell pool full of plastic balls. He is looking at the camera.

Meeting little Derek brought back memories of some of the dogs that she has shared her own life with; one of these being a Spaniel the family had growing up.

It was only three days younger than me, and once pushed me into the bathtub when I was picking on my brother!

She also remembers the times when her much-loved Dachshund would go out and chase rabbits with her Uncle’s Labrador. It was a brave little dog, and was never frightened of any fireworks; in fact, it would try to get out of the house to retrieve the pigeons it thought were being shot.

Dogs have provided Mrs Stott with so much joy in her life-time, and now, through her sponsorship, she is able to give this wonderful gift to someone else.

If you’re interested in finding our more about Sponsoring a pup, contact Melanie Spunt on 1800 484 333


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