Raffle Reminder

Please be advised, Guide Dogs Tasmania is not conducting a telephone raffle, nor is it endorsing any other organisation or individual to call on our behalf.

Please be careful when providing any details to unknown parties, question the caller, and ensure the caller is who they say they are.

Here are some tips if you are unsure:

  • Ask the caller to repeat their name and their organisation, and ask them for the phone number of reception or website address.
  •  If you are still unsure, but you know you would like to support a particular organisation through raffle tickets or a donation, you could always hang up and call the reception during working hours.

And if all else fails, remember this about Guide Dogs Tasmania:

  • We aren’t calling you
  • We are based in Launceston and Hobart
  • We are the only organisation training Guide Dog puppies in Tasmania
  • If you want to support us, you can, just not through a raffle at the moment. Visit the ‘How to help us’ section of our website to find out about donating, volunteering and  much more.