Say Yes to Guide Dogs

2015 International Guide Dog Day - Say Yes

33% of Guide Dog Handlers said they had experienced discrimination when attempting to use a taxi. According to a recent survey of Blind and Vision Impaired clients, this includes refusal to take the passenger because of the dog. Most people get it right (like Dave, the driver of Taxi 74 in the image below – he knows and understands why Guide Dogs can go anywhere), but it’s important to realise that saying NO to a Guide Dog or Guide Dog Puppy in Training is illegal.

For International Guide Dog Day, we are working with clients, taxi companies and the Office of the Anti Discrimination Commissioner to launch: “Say Yes to Guide Dogs” – a campaign to raise awareness of the legislation and the rights of Guide Dog handlers.

Say Yes To Guide DogsWhat can you do if you see an act of discrimination occurring:

  • Tell the driver that it is against the law to discriminate because of the Guide Dog or the Puppy-In-Training.
  • Tell the driver that penalties of up to $2,600 can apply for refusing to take the person.
  • Take the driver’s registration number and the name of the taxi company, and give it to the Guide Dog handler.

If you are catching a taxi:

  • Chat to the driver about the law.
  • Remind them that it is against the law to refuse access to a person because of the Guide Dog.
  • Remind them WHY a person trains or uses a Guide Dog… to refuse a Guide Dog or Guide Dog Pup access is denying its handler equal rights and is discriminatory.

To read more from the relevant Act, visit


29 April

Parliament Lawns, Hobart, 1-1:30pm

“Say Yes to Guide Dogs” project launch

More details: “Say Yes to Guide Dogs” project launch

3 May

Farmgate Market, Melville Street, Hobart,11-11:30am

Pup Parade and Information sharing

28 May

Brisbane St Mall, Launceston, 1:15-1:45pm

Pup Walk and Information sharing

From 20 April

Get involved – nominate those in the community who say “Yes” to Guide Dogs, because they understand why Guide Dogs can go anywhere.

‘Say Yes To Guide Dogs’ Awards

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