Volunteer with Guide Dogs Tasmania

At Guide Dogs Tasmania, we rely on our volunteers and simply couldn’t train Guide Dogs without them. Whether it’s shaking a tin at an event, or boarding one of our training dogs; volunteers are a vital part of our organisation.

If you would like to become part of  ‘Australia’s Most Trusted Charity Brand’ 5 years in a row, take a look at the volunteer positions currently available and get in touch with us if you think you’re suitable for either one.

What Volunteer Activities Are Available?

Volunteers for Guide Dogs Tasmania participate in the following activities:

Guide Dogs Tasmania volunteers are required to participate in an application process, which includes a National Police Check and a check for working with vulnerable people and children.

Occasionally, there will be opportunities for individuals to become involved in activities that are outside of these regular roles, such as participating in or helping to organise special events, archiving materials, or graphic design projects.

Note there is currently no opportunity (aside from applying to become a Puppy Raiser/Boarder) for voluntary puppy walking or playing.

Volunteer with Guide Dogs and change lives - including your own.

Volunteer with Guide Dogs and change lives – including your own.

There are strict criteria for this form of volunteering.
Information packs, including selection criteria, can be obtained by phoning 1800 484 333 or by downloading the following information:

Application Form

Puppy Raising_Cover Letter

Puppy Raising_Information Sheet

Puppy Raising_Initial Criteria

Puppy raisers are required to live within a 30km radius of Hobart and Launceston CBD.


Below, we provide some personal accounts from volunteers about their experiences with, and reasons for Puppy Raising. In addition, listen here to an ABC radio interview with a Guide Dogs Tasmania instructor and volunteer puppy raiser.

Through our lives we have many wonderful experiences, perhaps it’s a relationship, having a family and watching them grow into responsible adults, perhaps just caring for a pet or tending a lovely garden. I am lucky to have had all these, but by far the most “rewarding” and most pleasurable must be my experience as a Puppy Raiser for “Kato”. – Beverley

Being a puppy raiser means different things to different people. To Brian & I it has given many months and years of pleasure as well as the worry of ‘will he make it?’ We have also met and been befriended by a great support network – invaluable in the early testing weeks and months. It is also good to know that the trainers are only a phone call away to answer any queries. Invest the time, energy and good spirit and it will come back to you ten fold. – Sue & Brian

Our current puppy, Shae, loves to jump in the empty bath and breathe into its outlet pipe –it makes wonderful gurgling noises.  You can see her delight.  On hot days the bath is a nice cool place to sleep!  Shae is also the only dog we have ever had to work out what the ‘dog door’ is for, without being shown. They are all different! – Diane

We can’t train Guide Dogs without funds, and we can’t raise funds without your help!

Community Fundraising Volunteer Role:

Grass roots public relations and fundraising are our bread and butter. We simply can’t train Guide Dogs without people helping us get out there and talk, sell, collect, organise, host, drive, etc. We’re always looking for people who have time to spare to help us fundraise in the community.

Based at either our Invermay or Hobart office, you could be doing a range of tasks from week to week, or month to month. Whether it’s:

  • hitting the road and collecting and replacing our iconic collection dogs,
  • holding a merchandise stall outside a supermarket,
  • organising a fundraising activity, or
  • preparing items or packs for activities,

there’s always a task to do that will help our efforts to train more Guide Dogs in Tasmania, for Tasmanians.

If you love meeting new people and are passionate about helping others, this could be the role for you. We’re keen to help you realise your own fundraising ideas, too. We don’t profess to know everything and want to support volunteers with ideas that fit within our brand, our values and our resources.

The details of tasks associated with this role are discussed in person, however the basic requirements include:

  • Driver’s license
  • Good presentation
  • Reasonable level of health and fitness
  • Reasonable level of initiative and autonomy
  • Ability to be flexible with time (within reason, of course)

Get in touch to find out more. This could be just what you’re looking for.