Client & Dog stories

Jenny and guide dog victorGuide Dog StoriesNews
July 26, 2022

Victor helps Jenny regain her confidence

Gentle but quirky black Labrador, Victor, is helping Jenny reclaim her independence, her energy – and her life – after the loss of her beloved Guide Dog, Quinnell. Quinnell was…
Guide Dog Handler showing his Guide Dog a roseGuide Dog StoriesNews
March 3, 2022

Bringing Harmony to Ian’s life

They’ve only been together for about four months, but even in that time, Guide Dog Harmony has changed Ian’s life. Ian Preston’s vision deteriorated significantly four and a half years…
Kim patting a black LabradorGuide Dog StoriesNews
February 9, 2022

Hanging up the harness

Supporters like yourself often ask us, ‘What happens to a Guide Dog when it retires?’ It’s a great question and one that Kim Ryan, Program Manager for Guide Dog Services,…
man looking at the cameraGuide Dog StoriesNewsSponsorship Stories
February 9, 2022

A new companion for Lee

"When you’re using a cane, people steer clear of you, but when you’ve got a Guide Dog, people will speak to you and want to know about them. So I’d…
smiling lady with Guide DogGuide Dog StoriesNews
February 9, 2022

Dianne’s new journey with Sara

"Sara is so gentle and friendly, and we bonded instantly. It's as though she said, I'll have you; you can be mine." - Dianne, Guide Dog Handler Dianne lost her…
Handler Phil and his guide dog YodaGuide Dog StoriesNews
October 19, 2021

Yoda is guiding Phil through new beginnings

He picks things up so quickly and lets me focus on getting to my destination. – Phil When Phil Menzie started a new job this year, the change was made…
client Emily with HarveyGuide Dog StoriesNews
July 26, 2021

Harvey brings Emily happiness, safety and friendship

"He’s just brought so much love and happiness and increased Emily’s confidence."  — mum, Wendy  When we first introduced you to Emily Pettit in our August 2019 edition of Paw…
dog with his handlers hands resting on himGuide Dog StoriesNews
March 1, 2021

Clinton and Frankie

“We’re still in early days and I feel like there’s more we can do. But Frankie is a great companion and such a big part of my life now.” When…
four young people standing next to Guide DogsGuide Dog StoriesNews
February 10, 2021

Test drive a Guide Dog camp

"It was delightful to see the kids come out of their shells, to have fun, and share their stories and experiences with their peers." In January 2021 we held Tasmania's…
smiling lady looking at her Guide DogGuide Dog StoriesNews
November 29, 2020

Karen and Taylor

“I was staying at home and I didn’t want to go out and talk to people. I had no idea just how isolated I had become.”  Before being placed with…
smiling woman with a guide dogGuide Dog StoriesNews
November 4, 2020

A constant companion

“I found myself relying on Pepper as a friend and companion more than ever before.” It has been a challenging year but thanks to your support Tasmanians like Sara who live with blindness or…
a client with a black dogGuide Dog Stories
July 16, 2020

Wayne and Elly

The start of a beautiful new relationship  Devoted black Labrador, Elly, has changed Wayne Pollard’s life in just a few short weeks. When Wayne, a truck driver, developed blurred vision…
Kids DogGuide Dog Stories
January 22, 2020

Max and Riley

Max was having up to three very physical meltdowns a week. For Max’s mum, Melanie, these meltdowns often meant black eyes and fat lips. “There would be yelling and screaming...…
HarveyGuide Dog Stories
January 22, 2020

Emily and Harvey

Emily Pettit has always been shy but now, with Guide Dog Harvey by her side, she is a young woman on a mission to share information and spread understanding in…
Anne with Guide Dog BillyGuide Dog Stories
January 22, 2020

Anne and Billie

 “Having Billie makes the world feel much friendlier, because before, it was all about obstacles, whereas now, it’s just about freedom.” Anne had been using a cane for several years…

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