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Guide Dogs, taxis, buses and access rights

bus with guide dogs can go anywhere wrap
From buses, to taxis, to taxi ranks – our 2022  ‘Guide dogs can go anywhere’ campaign is everywhere!
bus with guide dogs can go anywhere wrap
taxi with guide dogs can go anywhere
We’ve been working with Metro Tasmania and 13 Cabs Hobart to raise awareness and educate drivers about the access laws and discrimination that Guide Dogs and their handlers face across the state.
Specially designed artwork has been installed on a Metro bus, three 13Cabs taxis, and on stickers placed their buses and cabs across southern Tasmania.
“We are really proud to be working with the Guide Dogs Tasmania to bring awareness to the our industry, and to the wider community. Our message is simple, Guide Dogs and Guide Dogs in Training are welcome in our vehicles.”
– Jamie Coleman, 13Cabs
Thanks to the support of the City of Hobart, the Salamanca taxi rank also displays the same artwork and message.
taxi rank
Guide Dogs are working animals that are trained to help people who are blind or have low vision navigate their world safely, and independently. From eight weeks of age, the dogs in our training program are socialised in public areas. They are quiet, well-behaved, non-aggressive and completely clean.
Guide Dogs can go anywhere!

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