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Support our pups can count on

By November 4, 2020September 13th, 2021No Comments
smiling lady looking at the camera
smiling lady looking at the camera

“I’m so pleased to be a Puppy Love Member, knowing my small, regular donations help these incredible puppies on their journey to transform someone’s life.”


Thanks to Puppy Love Members like Hazel, a regular stream of income meant the pups on our program didn’t miss out on essentials, even during a difficult time.

When all face-to-face events were cancelled this year, and a full fundraising program put on hold (collection dogs), Guide Dogs supporter Hazel Bucher was pleased to know she could continue helping puppies become life-changing dogs.

As a Puppy Love Member, Hazel donates monthly to ensure each pup is provided with everything it needs to become a Guide, Therapy or Assistance Dog, and ultimately change the life of a Tasmanian.

“I’m so pleased to be a Puppy Love Member, knowing my small, regular donations help these incredible puppies on their journey to transform someone’s life,” says Hazel. “I like knowing I’m also helping ensure Guide Dogs Tasmania has funding it can count on, and I’m proud of the difference that together, we’re helping to make in our own little part of the world.”

Regular Giving coordinator Zoe Polacik says monthly donations, no matter how small or large, have always been a vital part of Guide Dogs Tasmania’s long-term work.

“During what has been an extremely difficult year with a huge loss to our fundraising revenue, our Puppy Love Members have proved to be more important than ever,” she says. “With the support of their regular donations, the goal of ensuring every Tasmanian who needs a Guide, Therapy or Assistance Dog is placed with one is made far more achievable.”

If you would like to join this special group of people and become a Puppy Love Member, please contact Zoe on 6232 1252 or

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